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Buhimak is a very curious owl of 13 years who loves adventure, outdoor activities and exponent. To the maximum! Your creativity. He is very clever and intelligent and lives on the 3rd branch of the largest tree on the block. Her best friend is called Octavia, a very outgoing hummingbird with a good sense of humor.

Children in the neighborhood love it! Because fun and learning never end while he’s around. In addition, when a friend is in trouble, a Buhimak comes up with the best ideas to help … Accompany it! In each in each episode and discover all the surprises that this faithful companion has for you!

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Octavia is a 10-year-old hummingbird with pink wings and light green body. She is very outgoing, nice and with a good sense of humor. She is Buhimak’s best friend and lives right next to her house, in the hollow of the tree. She wants it so much! And along with the other children of the neighborhood, accompanies him in each of his adventures.

NEVER! She is quiet and sometimes she is a bit of a fool, but she has a huge heart. It can fly Very fast! And get into many problems in the blink of an eye. Fortunately, she has the help of Buhimak, who never hesitates to get her out of trouble.


t is the most popular of his group. He has just turned 9 and loves sports. Always wear your favorite football team’s shirt: La FuriaScoriente. His hair and eyes are light brown, his complexion is white and he is very handsome! Buhimak is his idol. He always looks for advice and fun. He lives in Villa Alegre, a building located in front of the tree where the homes of Buhimak and Octavia are located. She likes Ana, the most beautiful girl in her class, but she is very sorry to tell her. He loves to practice all kinds of sports and play with his friends: Ernesto and Mia.



She is the most beautiful girl in the class, she is 8 years old and she loves the color purple. It uses bows, light colored skirts and black pasta lenses. Her hair is smooth brown, dark complexion, clear eyes and has a beautiful mole on the lip in the style of Marilyn Monroe. She is very smart.

She also lives in Villa Alegre and is secretly in love with Max. He is a member of the Buhimak gang and although he is sometimes afraid to venture into some mischief, he never lets Max take risks alone.


He is Max’s best friend, is 8 years old, does not like to study hard and is not very good with sports. He loves video games and is always looking for how to do his next mischief. He is one of the inhabitants of Villa Alegre. His hair is brown, he is of shorter stature than Max and it is somewhat plump.

He is very extroverted and always finds a way to annoy Horacio, the grumpy concierge of the building. Wears sweaters, rubber shoes and shorts. He always follows the advice of Buhimak and loves to be part of his adventures.



It is the smallest of the group, is 7 years old and is super independent. He always wears plaid shirt and jean. She is dark-complexioned, has large eyes and wears her hair back. He does not like getting into trouble, but he does not abandon his friends in their occurrences either. She loves jazz and when she grows up she wants to be a great saxophonist. He never leaves without his instrument and always has a melody to play. Along with Ana, Max and Ernesto is always ready to accompany Buhimak and Octavia to overcome new challenges.


She is a very sweet, thin person, nice and has a lot of patience to teach. Teaches in 3rd grade of elementary school. He always allows Buhimak to Octavia to be part of the class because they help him teach. She is the teacher of Max, Ana, Enernesto and Mia. She wears dresses, has short hair and is always very well groomed. He is 25 years old.



He is a fat, semi-bald man with mustaches. He has black hair. He is very grumpy and does not have patience for children. Always look for ways to blame them for all the inconveniences that arise in the building. Lives on the first floor of Villa Alegre, always wearing gray shirt and pants with black suspenders. He is single and is 50 years old. He does not want Buhimak and Octavia either because he does not like spending time in the building

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